Don Bosco Youth Net Nederland is one of the partner organisations of the European umbrella organisation Don Bosco Network. The organisation aims to organise activities in a national and international level and support young people to get together from all over Europe through means of  international trainings, seminars, youth exchanges and receiving and sending young people from other European countries through EVS.

Don Bosco Youthnet Nederland is a member of an international Organisation called Don Bosco Youth-Net, which is a network of Salesian youth work offices and youth organizations which work in the style of Don Bosco. At a national level it is part of the network of Don Bosco works of the Netherlands called Don Bosco Werken Nederland.

Don Bosco Youthnet Nederland is financially supported by the European Commission, through its ‘Erasmus+’-programme. This programme supports youth projects involved in the field of non-formal education in Europe and the rest of the world. Another supporter of Don Bosco Youthnet Nederland is Don Bosco Werken Nederland, Don Bosco Youth Net ivzw, Don Bosco Rijswijk and Gemeente Rijswijk for additional support funding.

Aims & Actions
Within the heritage of Don Bosco, Don Bosco Youthnet Nederland and the partners of Don Bosco Youth-Net strive together to realize the following aims:
1. At first it is important for us to bring young people across Europe and the world together, to take part in youth activities that are linked with the style of working through the spirit of Don Bosco. We want to organize international initiatives that contribute to the full development of young people. It is necessary thereby to broaden the opportunities for young people who are, by reasons of various kinds, excluded from these kinds of activities.
2. Furthermore we strive for a profound exchange of information, ideas and experiences between the different partners. We want to facilitate contact, and deepen the understanding between the member organisations so more joint activities can take place. This is realised through weekends, the development of a website and coordination from the international office.
3. And last, but not least, we want to represent the voice of the Don Bosco young people and defend their interests at an international level.

To put these aims into practice, we have a next categories of activities.

Youth exchanges: groups of young people from different countries come together to live, play, learn and reflect together.
Life learning trips: a guided group of young people on a trip to experience and learn from the life of young people coming from disadvantaged backgrounds.
Voluntary service: a young person spends up to one year in another country to do youth work on a voluntary basis.
Training courses: youth worker and volunteers from different countries take part in a training programme focussed on a subject connected to youth work.
Study visits: youth workers and volunteers from different countries visit youth projects in another country to learn from and to exchange information.

Seminars: youth workers and volunteers from different countries come together for workshops, lectures, … on a subject connected to youth work.
Publications: our publications aim to inform partners and volunteers, to promote the network and to support youth work practice.

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