Monthly Archives - November 2018

On Arrival Training

Last week, I attended the On Arrival EVS training, together with 2 other fellow EVSers from Don Bosco Rijswijk. Stuck in a phase of confusion — not knowing who I am, what I am suppose to do or how to make new friends in a forign country; the training turned out to be just the experience I needed to get out of that mindset. Together with 28 more EVSers from allover Europe, we stayed in the cozy Stayokay hostel in [...]


Home Away from Home

My name is Kristijan and I recently started my EVS in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. 2000km away from home. I will be reporting my experience throught this whole year. Settling a new life at a new place is always promising and full of hopes. A new blank page, new everything, new me. Or so it seems? But it is so exciting and gives the feeling of freedom! Especially if it’s another side of the continent with a completely different culture, climate [...]