Group ESC project in Georgia!

Group ESC project in Georgia!

APV: 17 October – 20 October 2019 (1 person + coordinator)
Project: 10 November – 30 November 2019 (10 person + leader)


This year we are organizing a Group EVS in Georgia – Rustavi. This Group EVS Program would be organized by Georgian Youth for Europe. With this project we aim to promote an artistic inter-cultural exchange through voluntary work between Dutch participants and Georgian Youth. At the same time Georgian Youth for Europe and their community will benefit from the support provided by the volunteers. It is a mobility for group of Dutch youngsters spending three weeks in Georgia and learning about local culture, traditions and making new and unforgettable memories with local youth.

The project is designed for youngsters and it will imply extra support for those participants who don’t speak English, haven’t travelled before or just need some extra support. We’re here for you. Those of you who would like to take part in this project kindly send us your CV at last 30 of September 2019 to

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