On Arrival Training

On Arrival Training

Last week, I attended the On Arrival EVS training, together with 2 other fellow EVSers from Don Bosco Rijswijk. Stuck in a phase of confusion — not knowing who I am, what I am suppose to do or how to make new friends in a forign country; the training turned out to be just the experience I needed to get out of that mindset.

Together with 28 more EVSers from allover Europe, we stayed in the cozy Stayokay hostel in a bit hilly part of Arnhem (let op! Holland actually has some hills). It was a true fall wonderland, staying in a place in the middle of a golden forest.

During the course of 5 days, we explored and immersed ourseleves in the Dutch culture, worked on our mental and physical health, disscused ways to make the most out of our EVS projects, and most importantly – had fun! It was an incredible experience where I met wonderful people and discovered that: “we’re all in this together”. At the end of the day, everyone is figuring life out day by day, the only difference is some people know how to present themselevs that they have eveyrhing figured out. That was a reasuring thought to discover. So now I am looking forward to answering many questions in the remaining 9 months of my EVS…

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