About us

Don Bosco Youthnet Nederland falls under the organisation Don Bosco Werk Nederland. The organisation is located in the well known city of The Hague (2 km to the city centre) and the main office is in Amsterdam. This centre is hosting and helping many young people from divercity of origin.

This organisation is helping young people to make the best of their lives! Getting together young people of whole Europe through means of an international youth exchange, receiving young people from other European countries for voluntry activities in Don Bosco Youth centres especially during holidays. We also sent young people for training and seminars to other European countries.

 Don Bosco Youthnet Nederland runs activities and programs on local and international level. It has a lot of activities for children and youth with special care during free time activities and non-formal education. On an international level, we have short term and long term EVS and youth exchanges, trainings and seminars. On a national level the daily activities of the Youth Centre is like prolonged school activities, kids education, community school (Bredeschool) activities, volunteers education and in the holiday programmes for childeren and youth especially in the summer.

In short, it is an organisaton which is very active in participating as many young people as possible in programs which are run on national and international level.

St. DBYN Jaarstukken 2014 d.d. 22-6-2015